Isn’t it time to Engage?


But wait, we dated before we got married….” Please don’t jump to conclusions or put up your emotional defenses when you hear the word courtship. Please give the concept we are trying to communicate a fair hearing. While we recognize some will take offense at what we are suggesting, Engage is not about “us.” Ultimately, this is about God and His will for how our children meet their future spouse—and how we can help them both get to Heaven. This is about the kingdom of God and how we can keep her unspotted from the world  (James1:27; Ephesians 5:26-27). This is about our children and providing them a better way. This book was not written to cast judgment on practices of the past or to accuse you of being a bad parent. We are not judging your motives or the depth of your love. Rather, Engage is about a process that is not only broken—but it is a process that willingly or not often violates God’s desire that we remain pure until marriage.

What we are talking about is a complete paradigm shift, and for many it will be troubling. We would ask that you consider taking a breath, bending your knee, bowing your head, and truly praying for God’s wisdom on this emotional topic. Isn’t it time we identify a better way--a more Biblical way?


“Why would Christian parents stand on the sidelines and “hope” their children make wise decisions regarding their future spouses—the one who will help get them to Heaven. Friends, ‘hope’ is not a strategy for success.”

--Engage, Introduction

“It’s time for a paradigm shift--it’s time to abandon modern dating.”